Design & Branding

Corporate Gifts, Amenities and Promotional Items

LR Johnson Associates specializes in customized amenities, gifts, and promotional items. We have access to an inventory over 800,000 promotional and gift items from pens, pencils and other office amenities to clothing, time pieces and objects d’art. We also offer trade show and table top displays.

Through our partners throughout the country, we source the finest of food related gifts, including fruit, confections, the finest of domestic and imported chocolates and baked goods, and a complete variety of savory items, all presented in a fashion consistent with your budget and providing the degree of elegance, personalization, and whimsy you deem appropriate.

Partnering with an experienced and highly creative design agency (KerkerMurray) we are able to custom design items to fit your needs. Gift items can also be shipped to multiple locations. Customized packaging to match a theme or occasion (with Company logos) can also be accommodated.

Through our wine industry partners we can offer over 3000 different wine varietals, champagnes and spirits, which can be packaged in customized boxes for your guests or customers. We have also had great success pairing our food items with wines, spirits or beers.

L R Johnson Associates also works in partnership with Kerker Murray Design to ensure that all of your branding communications are executed professionally and that your brand integrity is maintained. For potential clients to identify with any brand, there must be clear consistent messaging across all media. A viewer must be able to easily associate any visuals or derivative assets to your product or service. It is in this respect that an audience will “bind” to your brand.

If you have already established your identity/logo etc, then the next step is to ensure that the brand visuals reflect the identity of the company and communicate your objectives. Consistency should be your fundamental goal, as in doing so successfully, you will achieve distinct and immediate recognition. High quality products, along with creative design will facilitate an opportunity for reusable products, such as caps, pens, shirts, etc. which will provide supplemental advertising channels for your company.

L R Associates, in conjunction with Kerker Murray design can manage the supply chain of high quality products along with stunning and innovative designs and branding.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and our capabilities and experience.