Custom Gifts

LRJ Foods has the ability to customize gifts in any quantity. These are perfect for Corporations, Trade Shows, Hotels & Casinos, Sports Teams/Events, or any time a volume of creative gifts are needed. Here are some of our past Custom Gifts projects:

Artifact Gifts

Example: Slab of New York City’s 5th Avenue Decorated with Miniature Traffic
Recipient: Financial Executive Transferring from New York to Los Angeles
Theme: New York Always in Your Heart . . .
Other Artifact Gifts:
  – Fossils (dinosaur and other prehistoric remnants)
  – Pieces of Historic Buildings (old stadiums, famous castles & fortresses)
  – Rocks from Hard-to-Reach Locales (top of mountain, bottom of ocean)
  – Weaponry & Uniforms (swords, firearms & dress from famous battles)
  – Sports Memorabilia (equipment & uniforms used in actual contests)

 Highbrow Art Gifts

Highbrow Gifts

Example: 100 Original 6”x6” Abstract Paintings that Comprise a Single Masterwork
Recipient: Creative Design Company’s 100-Person Production Crew
Theme: The Uniqueness of the Individual Contributes to the Strength of the Whole
Other Highbrow Art Gifts:
  – Contemporary Artistic Photographs (high-end compositions)
  – Woodcarving (sculptures of logos, images, or individual portraits)
  – Realism Portraits (photographs converted to original oil paintings)
  – Glass Art (glass-blown objects in various color palettes)
  – Light Box Art (photo box with internal light source for illuminating effect)

 Low-brow Gifts

Low-Brow Gifts

Example: Money Art Sculpture of a Dog
Recipient: Retail Pet Store Manager of the Year
Theme: Celebrate the Bottom Line
Other Lowbrow Art Gifts:
  – Customized Famous Art Reproductions (Da Vinci, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Dali)
  – Flipbook Animation (hand-held paper flipbooks animated to produce a story)
  – Comic Book or Comic Strip (characters and storyline based on recipient)
  – Art on Rice (writing on rice, collected to form themes, quotes, speeches or scripts)
  – Conceptual Sculptures (made of matches, coins, paper clips, bottle caps, etc.)


Childhood Gifts

Example: Etch-A-Sketch Art of Michael Jordan
Recipient: Sports Team’s Top Talent
Theme: Commemorate the Present with Memories of the Past
Other Childhood Gifts:
  – Lego Sculpture (building blocks used to form logo, scene or portrait)
  – Action Figurine (classic 12” action figure doll based on the recipient)
  – Matchbox Car (customized model and decoration)
  – Bobblehead (based on recipient’s image)
  – Children’s Book (personalized characters and story)

 Digital Gifts

 Digital Gifts

Example: Customized iPhone Application
Recipient: All Staff to Promote Corporate Loyalty
Theme: On-The-Go Reminder of Your Company’s Performance & Accomplishments
Other Digital Gifts:
  – Customized Video Game (simple program with custom characters & story)
  – Dynamic Screen Saver (complex graphics utilizing custom images & theme)
  – Computer Help Caricature (help character based on recipient)
  – Interactive Screen (graphical activity responds to off-screen movement)
  – YouTube Video (custom video production)


Sports Gifts

Example: Women’s Golf Amenity
Recipient: Female Golfers, per PGA’s request for amenities that appeal to women
Theme: Golf is Not Just for Men
Other Sports Gifts:
  – Authentic Memorabilia (equipment & uniforms used in actual contests)
  – Personalized Favors & Amenities (theme based with custom designs)
  – Sports Art (paintings and sculptures of famous figures and scenes)
  – Trading Card Memorabilia (cards used to form creative collages and presentations)
  – Famous Photographs (high-end signed photos of pivotal sports moments)


Food Gifts

Example: White Chocolate Truffle Pearl in a White Chocolate & Caramel Shell
Recipient: Invited Guests at a Themed Party
Theme: 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Other Food Gifts:
  – Chocolate Photographs & Sculptures (photos & images reproduced in chocolate)
  – Exotic Chocolate Pairings (artisan brews, wines & cheeses)
  – Seasonal Chocolate Covered Fruit (hand-picked & hand-designed with an artistic flair)
  – International Offerings (savory specialties from around the world)
  – Personalized Wine Label (custom names, themes and images bottled to order)